Patients who wish to be treated at Fawkham Manor Hospital’s Gastroenterology Services can ask their GP to refer them under the NHS. This falls under the NHS “choose and book” system, introduced in 2006. In this case, your GP must agree that you need to be seen by a Specialist and will then formally refer you and will send across any relevant details that may be necessary. This can be done via the BMI switchboard on 01474 879900

Patients who wish to be treated at Darent Valley Hospital or Queen Mary’s Hospital at Sidcup could be referred via the respective NHS booking systems already in place.

system will cover the cost of your consultation, subsequent investigations and treatments – which are licensed under the NHS.

All Of Your Reports And Consultations Will Be Communicated To Your GP, Unless Specifically Agreed Otherwise.

Dr. Kothari is recognised by most large private insurance companies. Patients should check with their own Insurers regarding the type of cover they have in place and the type of treatment that will be funded by their Insurers. In case there are further expenses outside these plans, patients will be liable to pay for any additional costs incurred.

Some Insurers may also not fund any follow up appointments and require a GP referral letter, others permit an Insurer Directed referral. Do check whether your Insurer permits follow up appointments. The pre authorization number is required at the time of visit.

The cost of consultation and treatment has already been worked out by us and we will invoice the Insurers directly.

You can choose to pay for consultation and procedure yourself as a self-funding private patient. You may wish to do this if you want access to an immediate consultation or procedure. If you are paying for your own investigations and treatment, the cost can vary considerably. The cost depends on the type of investigations and the subsequent treatment and will also depend on whether you need a Hospital admission or can be treated as an outpatient.

There may be an upfront cost at the time of booking your appointment. If you are uncertain, please inquire with us for details.

The full cost of treatment will vary, but standard costing for services are as below. Please ask us for any queries.

  • First outpatient consultation £200 (Not including investigations)
  • Follow up appointment £150
  • Investigations Bloods, X Rays, CT scans, Gastroscopy or Colonoscopy – please inquire with the Hospital
  • You will be charged by the Hospital for the operator fees, Theatre costs, Hospital costs, etc

Do note that any cancellations need to be notified at least 24 hours before the upcoming appointment. You will be charged full consultation fees after this or in case of non-attendance.